1995/03 Heartway Medical Products CO., Ltd was established in 1995 by Mr. Kenny Ho, the founder of Heartway.

1996/10 RW-TUV 150 9002 QC Approved

1999/09 Power 5cooters are under Production Stage

2000/12 Won the 3rd Little Giant Award by Ministry of Economic Affairs

2001/03 The establishment of branch office in the USA.

2003/01 set up the Road simulation test Laboratory

2003/07 GMP certificate approved by Domestic of Health Department in Taiwan (0950328693)

2003/08 RW-TUV 150 9001 QC Certificate approved

2003/09 The implementation of ERP system to upgrade the computing system

2004/07 Development of the Back rest function for power wheelchairs with CYCLING & HEALTH TECH INDU5TRY R & D CENTER.

2004/08 Development of the Lifting function for power wheelchairs with National Chung Hsing University Department of Mechanical Engineering

2007/11 ISO 13485 TUV NORD Quality System Approved

2008/12 Won the 17th Taiwan Excellent Award

2009/07 Implemented Executive Information System, EIS to the senior management system in July 2009

2009/12 Won the 18th Taiwan Excellence Award

2010/06 Technical cooperation with the Footwear & Recreation Technology Research

2010/12 Won the 19th Taiwan Excellence Award

2011/07 Heartway Medical Products announces CTI-TV (Dream-Achiever) TV Interview and Visit to Heartway Medical in July 2011.

2011/12 Won the 12th Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award

2012/12 Three models won the 21th Taiwan Excellent Award

2013/12 Three models won the 22th Taiwan Excellent Award

2014/04 S19 launched on the USA QVC TV shopping program

2014/10 Won the 23th National Award of Outstanding SMEs

2014/11 Won the 21th 5mall and Medium Enterprises Innovation Award

2014/12 Three models won the 23th Taiwan Excellent Award

2015/04 Won the 23th Taiwan Excellence Silver Award